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Welcome to Disabled Martial Arts of America

It is our sincere desire and mission to teach everyone regardless of disability. No individual should ever be told that they can’t learn martial arts and participate in classes. All individuals are welcome to learn with or without a disability.

Classes are now being formed at the Nicholasville Ky.

YMCA and individuals can register for classes by calling 859-885 -5013

Some funding is available for students that need financial assistance.

Grand Master Len Kirschbaum

Len Kirschbaum began his martial arts training in 1963 and first earned his black belt in Taekwon-Do in 1970 from Master J.J. Kuhn.

Kirschbaum has been instrumental in organizing groups of TKD practitioners from coast to coast. He has founded such organizations as: the Wisconsin Taekwon-Do Federation, the United States Taekwon-Do Commission, the Instructors Black belt federation, the International Academy of Taekwon-Do and the International Original Taekwon-Do Federation (IOTF), and recently founded the Disabled Martial Artists of America, Inc, (DMAA.Inc).

In 2002, Kirschbaum was granted his 9th degree black belt and title of Grand Master. In 2012, He was inducted into the International Black belt Hall of fame as the Grand Master Instructor of the Year. Kirschbaum has been awarded numberless other Hall of fame citations to include: 10th Degree black belt, Soke’ship (Head of Organization/Family), PhD of Martial Arts Philosophy and the Pinnacle of Martial Arts Award.